Who is Under Attack now?

Where is the compassion now?

We all have been shocked by the senseless murder of some 6,000 people in New York.

Now it gets time to look at the consequences of 'the War on Terrorism'.

Remember, the perpetrators of the attack on the WTC were NOT 'The Muslims', NOR 'The Afghanies', NOR 'The Arabs'. Yet, the people suffering from the war are 2.5 million men, women and children in Afghanistan. These people have suffered from 20 years of war against the USSR. They have had a drought over the last 4 years. Not only the refugees who have left their homes to escape the air attacks, but also those that remained because they were too weak to walk. Then there are people in areas controlled by the Taliban. They cannot be reached at all. All of them are now without food or proper shelter. Many of these people are dying daily. This winter will be a major catasthrophe, unless we manage to help.

The food that was dropped to help them was hard to get to, it is in fields full of land mines. Much of it is not suitable for their diet. Who needs jam or peanut cookies? These people need tons of grains and vegetables. They need blankets and shoes. Air drops are totally inadequate.

The drive for money for the starving Afghanies still leaves a lot to be desired. Who is going to care for them?

These people need serious help. Not just with little bits, but with a massive support system. The logistics of a full support system are enormous. But, nobody should have to die as a refugee. Where is our compassion?

Bombs have missed their targets and landed on two different Red Cross warehouses. What is being done to replace them? Forget about who or what is at fault. Just do it.

Will the US do it? Will their European allies do it? Will you do it? Many of us have been a refugee at one time or another. Please don't forget those that are suffering now!

What needs to be done NOW?

Rebuilding Afghanistan is progressing ever so slowly. The old adversaries are still hacking at each other.

Is this what needs to be done now? A new war?

Meanwhile, the socalled 'WAR on Terrorism' has taken on a new dimension and become: 'The WAR on Iraq'.
Now, the US is not looking for terrorists anymore. To do that, they would have to look in Palestine and Syria to find members of Hamas and Hezbollah. No, that they don't want to do. Now, they claim to have found an AlQaeda cell in Iraq. Does that justify WAR? There must be a way to root them out without risking the whole population of a country.

They are now looking for 'weapons of mass destruction'. Yes, that is a good cause, but is creating a WAR to provide instant 'mass destruction' on location the answer?
A WAR on Iraq will cause a lot of mass destruction. It will kill thousands of innocent civilians. It will bring in armies of Shiits from Iran, and Kurds from Iran and Turkey, all of them looking for revenge on Saddam Hussein and his Sunni friends.

Please remember Vietnam!

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