America under Attack

We all have been shocked by the senseless murder of some 6,000 people in New York. Now it is time to put it in perspective. We must learn from this experience, otherwise it will be a waste of lives.

This is NOT a WAR, it is 'Terrorism'. There is not an identifiable enemy, no country or solitary religious group that we can blame for this. That would make it too simple. Terrorists work in groups and cells. They are identifyable by their group name and location. The latter may be hidden.

The 'WAR on Terrorism' is using a WAR machine to destroy these groups and cells. It is a highly destructive way of dealing with the problem.

What is Terrorism? Terrorism is an act of violence designed to create FEAR. The fear is then used for leverage so, a few people can make a large group of people or a government do what they want. It is perpetrated by an organized group of terrorists inspired and trained by a leader. Like guerrilla fighters, they have learned to disperse, not becoming a target themselves. But who are those who sacrifice their life for their terrorist acts?

Imagine people who have been bombed out of their homes by various wars. They have no job, no regular source of income. They families have been broken. Many of their relatives have been killed. All they have is their faith - the hope that things will be better after they are dead, when God/Allah/Heaven will grant them peace and happiness. They are an easy prey for abusive leaders and other demagogues. They are told that they have nothing to live for other than fighting those who they believe are at the source of their misery. These leaders are typically religious fundamentalists. They are worried that they will lose control over their women, which they have subjugated like slaves. They are worried to lose control over their society, by new technology, education and Human Rights.

What is the Alternative?

Anyone who is homeless, jobless and hungry has a choice to make: To follow the route of crime or the route of recovery. To value life or to value death. Many blacks who live in the days right after slavery in the USA had great difficulties because of dicrimination, many gave up while equally as many pulled themselved out of their situation and became respected citizens of society. Most of the people living in Israel today came with nothing more than the cloths on their bodies. They worked hard to make their country work. The Palestinian on the other hand have been complaining and terrorizing the people of Israel, while expressing their jealousy and hatred. This spawned terrorist groups like Hamas which sent in the suicide bombers, making the peace process impossible.

Golda Meir was a grandmother and Prime Minister of Israel from 1969 till 1974. When on October 6th, 1973 the 'Yom Kippur War broke out, she was heartbroken, since she had believed that living together and working together was possible. She then exclaimed: "We will have peace with the Palestinians when they will love their children more than they hate us". She hit the nail right on the head, pointing out the what is wrong at the heart of terrorism.

There are two areas of action required:

1.Let your compassion prevail for those who are really innocent of these atrocities.
It gets time that we start looking for ways of elevating the Quality of Life of the world's poor, not only in our own country but everywhere. When people have a decent life, there is little need for a scapegoat to hate.

2. Let those who are of the same religion monitor those fundamentalists who share their beliefs. Let the moderate believers preach compassion instead of revenge.

Let those who know where the terrorists are speak up. Maybe not in public, as that may endanger their lives, but contact their religious leaders who can then contact those who can do something about it. i.e. If the religious leaders do want to stop terrorism, they can. If they can't muster up the power of God/Allah/JHVH/Heaven/Universe who can? If they don't have the compassion to act upon their belief, who will?

Here are some other commentaries:

IN all of these activities, people keep mentioning Israel . . . WHY?

Just as the USA does now, Israel has been getting terrorist attacks for many years and by the same people. Israel goes out with its army, to fetch the terrorists in Palestine, just as the US goes to Afghanistan to fetch OBL.
The terrorists are always religious fundamentalist, who blame both Israelis and Americans for their woes.

In contrast, here are some people who can think and have done so:

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