Destruction of Culture

We said that religions destroy culture. That is historically speaking.

Anytime a religion became dominant, it took steps to destroy all that the previous generations had accomplished. There is no regard for the accomplishments of previous generations. That's why it takes archeology to dig in deep pits to find what was left over after the destruction. We are always surprised if we do find something that is complete and untouched. If things did not get destroyed for religious reasons, thieves will try to get the best of it.

It has taken many years to make some societies understand that history and archeology are very important in the understanding of a nation. Now, some countries are going after the treasures that have been preserved by culture minded museums in Western Europe and North America.

Even today a lot of important national treasures are destroyed by bombs in war, or religious terrorism. E.g. In the Balkans and many old cathedrals and mosques have been destroyed in the recent past. These items are irreplaceable.

For the view point of History and Culture, it did not matter who built these buildings and which religion was being worshipped in there. They were efforts of human artistry, science and intelligence.

The 3rd law of thermodynamics tells us that nothing is permanent. Everything will go back to dust. Interestingly, this has been acknowledged by most major religions. That does not mean that we should help to increase the entropy. It is only the human mind that can counter the 3rd law. Mindless destruction is inhumane.

When the Taliban destroyed the statues of the great Buddhas, I felt a deep sorrow. Not for the Buddha, because he knows that nothing is permanent and he does not care if there is a statue or not. Nobody worships these statues really. I was sad about the Taliban, who in their fanaticism did not realize that they deprived their people and their children of their history, their roots, their culture. Sure they would like every one to think that Afghanistan had always been Muslim. But there were many centuries before Mohammad was even born that there were people living in Afghanistan. Should one not acknowledge this? Actually, if you think of it, they are doing worse to people in that country than they do to statues. They are missing the compassion the Buddha was preaching - no wonder 'He left and went'.

It is not the 'infidels' that are idolizing these statues, but the Muslims themselves. That's why they destroyed them. No Buddhist cared, they were long gone. Only the Muslims did.

The same is happening in Jerusalem. The Israelis and the Muslims are fighting over the 'holy grounds' where once the temple of Salomon stood. They both are idolizing the grounds and fighting over its use. One to build a temple on it, the other to build a mosque on it. They have destroyed almost every building that was put there, and they will never agree. They have spilled the blood of many innocent and not so innocent people over these grounds. If that isn't idolatry, I don't know what is. If they were to be judged by their own 10 commandments neither of them would have a 'hope in Hell'.


There is no way to counter fanaticism, fundamentalism and other religious excesses. Only passive resistance can. Religious fundamentalism is typically male domination, therefore it comes together with raping, killing, genital mutilation and enslavement of women. They use God or Allah as their excuse for their cruelties. Even Mohammad would be appalled if he could comment on the excesses that are done in his name. They are not in the Qur'an he wrote!

Until fundamentalists learn to love, we will need cunning to make them change their ways. Fundamentalists have proven too often that they lack compassion and that they are blind to anything outside their narrow belief. They will kill anyone who is in their way. They are afraid of education. They are afraid of enlightenment. They are afraid of those who will not fight with weapons. They are afraid of women. Unfortunately, women let themselves be intimidated too often. Those who don't get raped or killed, because they are kept apart and they are often not set to unite with each other Few revolutions have been managed by women. And until women understand the power they really have, they will be slaves and there is little hope for their liberation.

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