Quality of Life Improvement RESPONSIBILITY

Who is responsible for improving the Quality of Life? Of our Life?

RESPONSIBILITY is the ability to respond 'properly' to the challenges of life. Properly with respect to our true nature as a human being, that is taking charge of our own destiny.

1. As I see it, we have to learn to accept responsibility for our own lives

2. We also have to learn to accept responsibility for our 'dependents', taken in the broadest sense of those who are dependent on our action: 3. We have a task in educating our 'dependents' in learning to behave responsibly. 4. We are responsible for all our relationships. Regardless what our relationship is and with whom it is, we are responsible for our part of it. A relationship is two-party deal. Don't take it for granted, just because there are no problems. A relationship needs:

5. Finally, we have a political responsibility.

Taking responsibility for our world is essential to improving our Quality of Life.


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